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001 Allium akaka It's one of the best short stem allium from Iran and Trans Caucasus. Always in the wild the plants have a single exclusively wide and beautiful leaf, but in garden can develop two and even three leaves. Needs full sun and soil dried well. A king of Alpine gardens! 7,00 -
002 Allium alexejanum Iran. It's other short stem species with a big globular umbel. Needs the same conditions like one above. 8,00 -
004 Allium altissimum GRAY GOLIATH Growing this kind received from Dutch grower I noted that it is not a clone but plants from wild population with some difference between. Among these plants I selected a clone with more gray leaves and offer first time these plants under the name GRAY GOLIATH. New introduction. 3,50 -
005 Allium aucheri It's a rare species grown in my nursery only. Collected in high meadows of Armenia in region Lori. Strong stem up to 1 meter high supports a nice umbel composed with long dark blue flowers. There is in the price list of my nursery only. 5,00 WP
006 Allium crenulatum Native from Western states of USA and Canada. The short plants 15 cm only with relatively large umbel. The bulbs of a strange form resembling colchicum ones. 3,00 WP
007 Allium darwasicum Tadjikistan. White flowers with green central veins along petals and red anthers make a nice composition. Stem 40-50 cm high. 3,00 -
008 Allium decipiens ssp. quercetorum Grows in the wild in dark deciduous forests of Crimea. This unusual condition rare for members of the genus puts them in absolutely exceptional place among alliums. Possible it is a single large allium which is well in shaded places of gardens. The flower stem I m high. Long time flowering. Propagation with seeds mainly. This allium often is confused with Allium nigrum cirillii which grows in Crimea too, but differs well from Allium decipiens ssp. quercetorum and needs absolutely other ground and light conditions. 6,00 -
009 Allium diabloense Native from central California state (USA). White flowers in the beginning become purple then. Every plant has a single tubular leaf. 4,00 WP
010 Allium EMIR A. rosenbachiana rosenbachiana x A. sarawschanicum CHINORO. It has an unusual form of the umbel where seed pods have very long stalks and shorter ones of flowers. Has awards of KAVB for beauty and perfection. 4,50 WP
011 Allium fuscoviolaceum N. Caucasus, near Piatigorsk town. Has a tall but strong stem 1 m. high (!!!) with absolutely round umbel of dark violet. Flowering in the middle of summer. First time offered and think that I am single who offer this plant. New introduction. 5,00 -
013 Allium GLADIATOR A tall and vigorous hybrid, hardy in outdoors. I wanted to have in my collection an example of large hybrid of Holland selection and have come to conclusion that it is the best. 1,50 WP
014 Allium globosum OPAL Collected near Kislovodsk town, N. Caucasus. The plants form rich clumps with long conical bulbs on the dry slopes of the mountains. A wonderful decoration of Alpine garden in late time because flowers up to first night frosts! Color of flowers is white shaded rose. 4,00 -
015 Allium globosum RUBIN A variety with red flowers. 2,00 WP
016 Allium globosum SAPHYR A variety with lilac rose flowers. 3,00 WP
017 Allium grande A small population on west coast of Caspian sea. Endemic of Dagestan. Now in the wild are registered near 2000 plants only. My stock is grown from seeds. Has relatively short leaves and flowers with nice triangle softest rose petals. The true rarity in the wild and in the gardens! 5,00 WP
018 Allium haemanthoides They are seedlings of plants collected in Iran (SLIZE 98-216). Flower stem is very short. Umbel of fine construction composed with long petal flowers. 15,00 -
019 Allium hirtifolium ALBUM A white form of species which is one among the tallest alliums. They reach in flower time up to 1,5 m. The leaves are dark green shorter than leaves of many large alliums. All plants cultivated now are descendants of bulbs collected in Zagros mnt. by expedition of Brian Mathew in 1963 year. 5,00 -
020 Allium hollandicum ALBUM There are two errors in one traditional name. It is an allium of unknown origin selected in Holland with very light lilac flowers. 1,50 -
022 Allium karataviense ssp. henrikii Of course the most impressive sign of this subspecies is the bright purple color of flowers. Larger then the A. karataviense with big bulb and huge umbel. 6,00 WP
023 Allium karataviense ZEPHYR A healthy and well propagated clone selected by me with very light rose flowers. The umbels are beautiful during long time with flowers and then with purple seed buds. 1,50 WP
024 Allium komarowii From Tadzhikistan. Has wide and beautiful leaves, like A. karataviense, but the stem is relatively long and reach 40 cm. 7,00 -
027 Allium macleanii A beautiful allium with exclusively dense spherical umbel very hardy in outdoors. The high merits of this allium was used by selectors and many famous allium hybrids have "blood" of this species. 1,20 -
029 Allium moly JEANNINE Selected clone of popular European species with more long flower stalk. 30 cm high. Flowers in mid summer. 1,00 for 10 bulbs -
031 Allium (Nectaroscordum) meliophilum In Crimea there are some point population and as I know flowers of each have color more or less intensive rose purple. My plants grown from seeds taken in central part of Crimea have very light flowers, next to white. The length of stalks has intermediate length between A. tripedale and A. siculum. Best under trees in semi shade position. 9,00 WP
032 Allium (Nectaroscordum) siculum Widespread in Balkan. Grow well under trees and in other shady places of a garden. Offered plants are seedlings variable a little in flower coloring. 1,50 WP
033 Allium (Nectaroscordum) tripedale Endemic of flora of Armenia. The greatest among nectaroscordums, has the stem 1.5 m high. They have up to 50 large porcelain like bell shaped flowers. Prefer more sunny position comparing with other nectaroscordums. 7,00 WP
034 Allium nevskianum A short stem allium native from Tajikistan with bright umbel and very decorative blue lives. Very healthy and good increaser comparatively with many other short stem alliums. 4,00 -
035 Allium obliquum Native from Siberia. It's a guarantee of exclusively firmness of plants. They are able to grow in any extreme condition. Tall, up to 1 m high. Flowering in the middle of summer. 1,50 WP
036 Allium ochotense A large form of Allium victorialis so synonym of the name is A. victorialis ssp. platiphyllum. Grown in the wild in Russian far East, Korea and Japan. Ideal if were planted in shady place where not disturbed long time they form nice clumps with wide leaves and tall stems crowned with white round umbels. New introduction. 4,50 -
037 Allium oreophilum AGALIK'S GIANT At my opinion it's the most impressive clone among all varieties of Allium oreophilum collected and offered firs time by Janis Ruksans. Twice larger then garden varieties grown before! The flowers have a very intensive coloring. 2,00 -
038 Allium PER WENDELBO Probably it's an excellent form of A. jesdianum, think the best form among all ones grown now in gardens. 3,00 WP
039 Allium pseudoampeloprasum Collected in Armenia. Umbel is spherical with very densely disposed flowers. Long lobes of anthers are notable well. It's robust allium 80 cm tall with firm stem. The flowering is in the middle of summer. This species is alike A. ampeloprasum, but its leaves always is looking up (not arced). I am a single seller of this beautiful and well grown in garden species. 4,00 WP
041 Allium pseudostrictum This allium not too impressive in wild collected by me in S. Armenia has turned in garden condition from Cindarella into true princess. Now it is a lovely allium of my collection and I have spent 5 year and enough of efforts to get good garden stook. Flower stem is more then one meter tall! In the beginning of flowering in umbel you see combination of green and purple flowers, then the umbel become entirely red purple. The flowering in the mid summer. New introduction. 4,00 WP
042 Allium PURPLE SENSATION Tall with striking purple umbel. 1,00 WP
043 Allium rosenbachianum ssp. kwakense Leaves are the same coloring like below, but they are erect and most multiple then leaves of ssp. rosenbachianum. Stem 1 m high. Flowers wine red. This allium was found by me some kilometers away from the population of A. ros. ssp. rosenbachianum near Razjon village, Tajikistan 5,00 WP
044 Allium rosenbachianum ssp. rosenbachianum Wonderful allium found by me in Tadjikistan and identified as the true A. rosenbachianum. Has nothing in common with alliums often sold under this name. It has wide often plicated leaves of unusual salad green coloring. Umbel 19 cm across, rose purple, on stem 70 cm long. 4,00 WP
045 Allium rosenbachianum MAMMOTH Long time I have been selling this hybrid between two known ssp. of A. rosenbachiana without any name. It resembles A. rosenbachiana kwakense, but is able to propagate regularly giving large bulbs only. 5,00 -
046 Allium rotundum S. Armenia. This allium has a wast territory of habitat in The Caucasus region and many shades in color jf flowers in differing populations. This one has the dark purple umbel on the stem 50 cm high. It flowers in the beginning of summer. New introduction. 3,00 -
047 Allium sarawschanicum CHINORO Flowers have deep purple pedicels. Leaves are bluish. Relatively late in the group of large alliums, so that leaves is rarely damaged by spring frosts (a problem for many other alliums in Lithuania). 3,00 WP
048 Allium shelkovnikovii It's another one among short stem alliums native from Iran. Exclusively rare and are not known well among collectors of rare bulbs. New introduction. 15,00 -
049 Allium stellatum An American species native from California. Although in the wild it grows in warm and dry climate of Southern part of USA, in Lithuania are well in much more wet and cold conditions. New introduction. 4,00 -
050 Allium stipitatum A form of unknown origin long time grown in Lithuanian gardens. Very robust and healthy. 1,50 -
051 Allium stipitatum GLORY OF PAMIR A nice form with bluish leaves selected by J. Ruksans among wild plants collected in Pamir-Alai. 1,50 WP
052 Allium stipitatum TITAN Collected by me in Tadjikistan. The most large form of A. stipitatum I have seen and the most large allium of my collection. 5,00 -
053 Allium x STIPINEVA A hybrid made by Lithuanian grower E. Dambrauskas who has crossed A. nevskianum and A. stipitatum. The plant has accamulated signs of these not alike species. It's relatively tall allium but the umbel more reminds of A. nevskianum. For the first time in my catalogue 5,00 -
054 Allium struzlianum It was collected in a highland of Armenia. In the wild they are modest plants 20 cm high only with 3-4 relatively big starry flowers. Now in my garden they have nothing with plants I saw in wild. Stem is up to 50 cm high with a nice multi flowered umbel. Offered by me only. 12,00 -
056 Allium tuberosum Possible it's a champion of the length of the flowering time. My plants start flowering in August and flower up to first frosts and snow in November. 2,00 -
057 Allium unifolium From N. America. Curious bulbs reminded small potatoes. The young bulbs they form on long stolones. Star shaped flowers of soft lilac coloring. Flowering in midsummer. I,00 for 5 bulbs WP
058 Allium ursinum This allium is the best decoration of the most shady places of gardens where it forms dense clumps with fluorescent white flowers. Collected by me in Northern Osetia (Alania). 3,00 for 5 bulbs WP


060 Anemone blanda Found in Karacharvo-Cherkesia, N. Caucasus. They are smaller comparing with garden varieties and have very light blue flowers. In the wild they grow under trees but sunny position in garden here gives a good result too. 3,00 WP


061 Arisaema ciliatum var. liubaense Native from Himalayas. Has astem up to 1.0 m high with umbrella like leaf. Is able to pass winter in soil, but possible dry keeping in storage is preferable. Plants propagate with long stolones giving young tubers on the tops of stolones. 5,00 WP
063 Arisaema FENG SHUI My first attempt of the crossing of arisaemas. A. jacquemontii x A. ciliatum. Thanks to A. jaquiemontii hybrids are hardy in outdoors and have spathes disposed above the leaves. In other aspects it's like to very robust A. ciliatum. A few. 25,00 -


065 Arum maculatum PURPLE HEART After long interruption I can offer a variety of A. maculatum with purple spathe and decorative foliage. 5,00 -


066 Bellevalia caucasica Widespread in Caucasus and Trans Caucasus. The sterile flowers disposed on the top of the vertical raceme are violet. The fertile ones change color from green to violet and brown in the end. They need full sun and good drainage. 6,00 -
068 Bellevalia forniculata A species from Turkey where they often grow in big massive in wet places sometime even covered with water in spring time. The plants have spike of striking color, rarely seen among bulbous plants. It is not a fast increaser and gives new bulbs slowly. More easy way is a propagation with seeds. Young plants are able to flower 5-6 year after sowing. Always in a great demand. 6,00 -
069 Bellevalia pycnantha New introduction from Armenia where these plants grow in wet places even covered with water. 3,00 -
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