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070 Camassia leichtlinii SEMIPLENA I can not understand why was this plant named "Semiplena", because it has really double flowers, cream with nice blue pistils. 2,00 WP


071 Chionodoxa forbesii PINK GIANT Twice larger then the most of chionodoxas, even good for cutting. Early spring flowering. 1,50 for 5 bulbs WP
072 Chionodoxa luciliae ALBA A form with white flowers. 1,50 for 5 bulbs WP
073 Chionodoxa luciliae ROSE VEIL Some plants with rose lilac flowers was found by me among Ch. luciliae ALBA. Probably it's a result of free crossing of different Ch. luciliae varieties. 1,50 for 5 bulbs WP
074 Chionodoxa VALENTINE DAY Flowers are large with wide petals of cobalt blue color. Suppliers inform that it is spontaneous hybrid without information about parents. For the first time in my catalogue. 3,00 -


Autumn flowering colchicums

075 Colchicum autumnale Often looking for new rarities we are forgotten about nice old cultivar. I consider C. autumnale as one of the most beautiful among colchicums. 1,50 -
076 Colchicum autumnale ALBUM A white form of the species grown for centuries in European gardens. 2,00 -
078 Colchicum byzantinum ALBUM Often in the first stage of the flowering the flowers have a purplish tint so it is not an albino form, but a plant with very light color of flowers. In the full flowering the flowers become snow white with delicate bright purple marks on the tops of petals and pistils. Wonderful! 5,00 WP
079 Colchicum davisii A species from Amanus mountains in Turkey. Grows well in outdoors in Lithuania and flowers for very long time in September-October. 7,00 WP
080 Colchicum kotschii Turkey, Middle East. I have a rare possibility to offer this year a limited quantity of this beautiful plant. 10,00 -
081 Colchicum laetum hort. Dutch garden clone. There is a big difference between these plants and true wild C. laetum from Eastern Russia. Probable it is a nice form of C. cilicicum with long petals. In any case they are plants of a special beauty. 4,50 WP
082 Colchicum montanum A charming plants flowering in August after a short dormant period. The flowers appear escorted with leaves in the autumn. None the less they always pass winter easily and goes on growing up in next spring. 5,00 WP

Spring flowering colchicums

084 Colchicum asteranthum A small colchicum native from S. Greek recently come to our gardens. In the wild it's a typical winter flowering species, but in Lithuania it flowers in the early spring. The bulbs of curious stick shaped form disposed in the soil horizontally. 5,00 -
085 Colchicum brachyphyllum A new species native from Jordan. Although its native land is far to the South from us, the plants grow well here surviving cold winters and giving reach flowering in early spring. I have information that in the wild they prefer wet soil conditions, but never have been tried to make an imitation in the garden and grown them in conditions common for most of colchicums. 8,00 -
086 Colchicum bulbocodium A small colchicum common for many places on the territory of Balkans. Early spring flowering with relatively large flowers and short tube. Hardy. 2,00 -
087 Colchicum (Merendera) candidissimum A novelty from Armenia! Found in Sisian region. Exclusively rich flowering starts early spring. Although looking on the name it is reasonable to suppose that flowers must be entirely white, they can be light rose too. Plants twice larger then well known C. trigynum grown in the same region and flowering in the same time. New introduction. 18,00 -
088 Colchicum doerfleri C. doerfleri often treat as C. hungaricum or as a subspecies of C. hungaricum. In any case every species has variability in the wild. This species (or the form) is exclusively rich flowering comparatively with typical C. hungaricum. 10,00 -
089 Colchicum hungaricum VELEBIT STAR Antoine Hoog's is first supplier of this popular spring flowering plant native from Velebit mountains. It is not a clone so plants with light rose flowers are possible under the same name, but the plants I have got from Antoine have pure white flowers. 4,00 WP
090 Colchicum kesselringii A lovely plant constantly in great demand. They grow in wild around all Central Asia often with big conglomeration, although are rare in gardens because of specific condition of growing. Offered plants are native from Kirgizia. After long interruption. 18,00 WP
091 Colchicum luteum VAHSH From my Tadjikistan collection. It is the largest and the most rich flowering clone of all Colchicum luteum I have seen. Flowers pure yellow with orange tint. 15,00 -
092 Colchicum mirzoevae In many aspects it is alike C. candidissimum, but leaves have purple color in first stagy of development then purple tint ones. Flowers produced in big quantity can be white or rose. New introduction. 15,00 -
093 Colchicum munzurense Turkey. A wonderful early flowering colchicum with stoloniferous bulbs. 5,00 WP
094 Colchicum ninae These plants was collected exactly in the place described in Flora of Armenia. In many aspects it is Colchicum szovitsii type plant grown in wet often boggy ground. They differ from true C. szovitsii with the flat open fully on the sun flowers, long more light green leaves looking up and late development of leaves. They are the most large colchicums flowering in the early spring. Hardy in outdoors. 18,00 -
095 Colchicum soboliferum A tiny plant with stick shaped bulb disposed in the soil in horizontal position. So planted one time it one point they conquers step by step new spaces and after some years they form a nice flowering spot in your garden. 2,00 WP
096 Colchicum sp. SNOW OF HIGHLAND This unusual plant gives a possibility to propose that it is a natural hybrid C. kesselringii x C. luteum, because have signs of both ones, but after some expedition when I saw enough of natural hybrids of this pare I can be sure: it is absolutely distinctive plant needed good research. So I move this one in the section of my catalogue "Spring flowering species". 14,00 WP
097 Colchicum szovitsii SNOW WHITE Janis Ruksan's selection. Petals has more narrow then variety above. Flowers white.For the first time in my catalogue. 15,00 -

Colchicum hybrids autumn flowering

100 Colchicum ANTARES Flower next to fully white inside with rose tops of petals. Outside rose. It is first in the flowering time among autumn flowerig hybrids ans starts in the middle of August yet. So the dormant period is relatively short. 7,00 WP -
101 Colchicum AUTUMN QUEEN (PRINSES ASTRID) As descendant of C. bivonae has strong checkering of the petals. It reminds of famous "Glory of Heemstede" but bottom of flowers is pure white and petals open more wide in sunny time. 3,50 WP
102 Colchicum BEACONSFIELD My favorite among autumn flowering hybrids! Has long petals with a strong tesselation. 5,00 WP
103 Colchicum EMERALD TOWN Created by me. Has large bulbs and large flowers. This hybrid has the brilliant green tubes of flowers - a nice contrast with intensive purple coloring of the petals! New introduction. 8,00 WP
104 Colchicum FABERGE'S SILVER Raised by me. Eggs shaped pale lilac flowers with silvery "patina" on the back of petals and whitish tops. 7,00 WP
105 Colchicum FLAMENCO DANCE Raised by me. (Colchicum DICK TROTTER x Colchicum speciosum ORDU). Striking purple flowers with green tubes! Petals are narrow and long. Registered in KAVB in 2010 year. 7,00 WP
106 Colchicum GLORY OF HEEMSTEDE (CONQUEST) One of the best historical hybrid. Cup shaped flowers rose purple tesselated with yellowish bottom. 5,00 WP
107 Colchicum GOTHIC STYLE Raised by me. The flowers are very large with long plicated petals. 7,00 WP
108 Colchicum JARKA Strongly bicolor variety with white pointed top of petals. 6,00 WP
109 Colchicum LARISA Raised by me. It has before the name "LARISA DOLINA", but since 2010 year I have registered this variety in KAVB as "LARISA", because had no rights to use the name L. Dolina without her personal permission. Has softest pink colored flowers, notable and striking even if you were looking from a distance to a flowering colchicum collection. There is not the same color among colchicum hybrids. 7,00 WP
110 Colchicum LILAC WONDER Possible this hybrid has the most numerous flowers. I counted 15-17 flowers from one bulb. 3,00 WP
111 Colchicum NEPTUN Pointed petals of violet purple color. For the first time in my catalogue. 5,00 WP
112 Colchicum POSEIDON (syn. JAROSLAVNA) There is a presence of blue shade in purple coloring of flowers. So, the "sea" name is understandable. Janis Ruksans who has given me these bulbs now has came to conclusion that the priority name for this variety should be "Jaroslavna". 3,00 WP
113 Colchicum VIOLET QUEEN A colchicum hybrid with the most deep purple flowers with good tesselation. 3,00 WP
115 Colchicum WILLIAM DYKES Flowers are of medium size but grown in great number. Beautiful wide dark green leaves. 3,00 WP
116 Colchicum WORLD CHAMPION'S CUP Raised by me. Exclusively wide petals form cup shaped flowers of very large size (may be largest among Colchicum hybrids). 8,00 WP

Colchicum hybrids spring flowering

117 Colchicum LUCKY SELFMADE A new hybrid C. luteum x C. SNOW OF HIGHLAND, which differs from variety below with darker spots near base of petals. A few. 40,00 -
118 Colchicum MOONLIGHT After many years of my job for crossing Colchicum luteum and Colchicum YETI with object to get a specific color of flowers comes to finish and I can offer first clone with pure light yellow flowers. They are really big plants with large bulb and leaves. Limited quantity. 40,00


Species and kind of species

119 Corydalis caucasica Plants from colorful population found by me near river Belaya, N. Caucasus. Color of flowers is from pure white to dark purple. 5,00 WP
120 Corydalis caucasica WHITE Selected from specimens of wild population grown in region near river Belaya. These plants have strong bicolored flowers. 8,00 -
121 Corydalis kusnetzovii There is originally from The Caucasus. Compact foliage with dense racemes. 5,00 WP
122 Corydalis kusnetzovii BRAVO Selected among wild plants. Flowers are bright rose. Limited quantity after some years needed for clone restoration. 12,00 -
124 Corydalis marschalliana Grows in dark deciduous forests of Crimea. They form hollow tubers reached a large size. Because they are an habitant of the wet places they need the same condition in gardens and dry period between the lifting and the planting must be short. 5,00 -
125 Corydalis nobilis A true giant among corydalis! The stems reache 70 cm high. The tubers remind of rhizomes. Flowers early. 5,00 -
126 Corydalis nudicaulis Since the time when these plants was a great rarity and till now, when they are good known and popular I regularly sell this corydalis found by me in Tadjikistan mountain forest. Grow better in semi shade. In the dormant period they prefer dry condition, but I have noted that they can grow well in outdoors without lifting in airy ground with a good drainage. 6,00 WP
128 Corydalis shanginii ssp. ainae The plants with large perennial tubers grown well in open sunny spots. 9,00 -
130 Corydalis solida MARKUCHIAI It's an albino form with pure white flowers collected in Markuchiai (park near Vilnius). They are robust plants flowering abundantly. Grow well in shade under trees in constantly wet and airy ground. Quick planting after receiving is preferable. 7,00 -

Hybrid varieties

133 Corydalis angustifolia x C. decipiens MARGA MUZIKA A perfect hybrid C. angustifolia with strong bicolored flowers. Nicely dissected leaves have bronze color in the beginning and bronze shade then. The variety is named by me in honour of my lovely music band with the same name - MARGA MUZIKA (Colorful Music) which sings etno music of different countries. 14,00 -
134 Corydalis BOYAR A hybrid C. kusnetzovii x C. decipiens. Everybody who grown corydalis in outdoors knows that capacity of many species for producing and spreading very small seeds in abundance is a great problem, because for short time it can transform your garden to a corydalis lawn. Plants from the new group of hybrids C. kusnetzovii x C. decipiens created by me are sterile and have no seeds. Corydalis hyb. BOYAR is the earliest in flowering from this hybrids. 6,00 WP
135 Corydalis COQUETTE Raised by me. A hybrid C. kusnetzovii x C. decipiens. Sterile. Entirely soft pink large flowers and blue compact leaves. 4,00 WP
136 Corydalis DIXILAND Raised by me. A hybrid C. kusnetzovii x C. decipiens. Sterile. The most contrasting color of flowers! 7,00 WP
137 Corydalis DROPS OF CLARET Raised by me. Exclusively rich flowering hybrid C. kusnetzowii x C. dicipiens. Sterile. Bright color of flower lips gives an impression that leaves are covered with drops of wine. 3,00 WP
138 Corydalis FLAMINGO Raised by me. It's one kind more from the group of hybrids C. kusnetzovii x C. decipiens with wonderful color of flowers and compact foliage. Sterile. 4,00 WP
139 Corydalis SMILE OF SPRING Raised by me. C. kusnetzovii x C. decipiens. The light rose flowers with dark rose striped lips form rich racemes. Sterile. 5,00 WP


Autumn flowering crocuses

140 Crocus kotschyanus ssp. kotschyanus My colleagues from other countries write me that this subspecies is not popular among crocus lovers because of a very poor flowering. Think the population which was a source of the garden clone is not the best. This clone grows excellently and shows me a rich flowering every autumn 1,00 -
142 Crocus nudiflorus I can not say that it's the largest crocus but really the tallest one. The height of flowers with tube can reach up to 25 cm! I grow them successfully in semi shade on the spot with constantly wet ground without lifting and disturbing for many year. Having these conditions the plants propagate well with long stolones. 2,00 -
143 Crocus pulchellus ALBUS A variety with pure white flowers. For the first time in my catalogue. 2,00 -
145 Crocus speciosus Plants collected in Armenia. They have cream bottom (not grey white as ever) and outer petals often bordered with whitish rim more or less intensive. Exclusively firm in our climate and never has been damaged by frosts or any illness. 2,00 -

Spring flowering crocuses

148 Crocus alatavicus Wide zone of natural habitat in C. Asia. Exclusively early flowering, after snow melting! Needs dry summer rest. 7,00
150 Crocus chrysanthus CREAM BEAUTY One of the best C. chrysanthus variety. Vigorous and excellent grower. 1,50 for 10 bulbs WP
151 Crocus chrysanthus HERALD My lovely variety of C. chrysanthus with large strong bicolor flowers. 1,50 for 5 bulbs WP
152 Crocus FANTASY C. tommasinianus x C. VANGUARD. A nice hybrid with contrasting coloring of outer and inner petals. 2,50 -
153 Crocus herbertii Has naturally small corms however are able to give a single large flower of striking color in early spring. My plants do not give long stolons, but without doubt it is a true C. herbertii 2,50 -
154 Crocus heuffelianus From highland of The Carpathians. The flowers are relatively large with typical marks on the tops of petals. 2,00 -
155 Crocus heuffelianus DARK EYES A variety selected by Janis Ruksans with dark violet flowers. 3,00 -
156 Crocus x leonidii EGO From the group of C. reticulata hybrids selected by me from the crossing C. reticulatus x C. angustifolius. Janis Ruksans in your monograph kindly offer to name this group of hybrids "Crocuses x leonidii" and in the catalogue they are offered under this name. All crocuses x leonidii listed below are sterile plants, hardy in outdoors in our weather condition and firm against virus infection. The able to vegetative reproduction is very high. Exclusively early flowering!. This variety has the largest flowers among all C. x leonidii hybrids. 3,00 -
157 Crocus x leonidii JANIS RUKSANS Flowers of medium size, but exclusively colorful. The backs of petals are reddish brown. This variety was almost lost some year ago and is restored now. 5,00 -
158 Crocus x leonidii LITTLE AMBER Flowers are yellow of mustard shade with narrow dark purple stripes. Long time I had to restore this nice variety after the strong winter 2006 year when thousands corms was killed or damaged with hardiest frosts. 4,00 -
159 Crocus malyi There is originally from Croatia. Large white flowers with dissected red pistils. 1,50 -
160 Crocus RAINBOW GOLD C. veluchensis x C. cvijicii. A fantastic hybrid of Dirk Schnabel! 18,00 -
161 Crocus sieberi TRICOLOR The nice plants with flores divided on 3 colored zones. 1,50 -
163 Crocus vernus Wild parents of many garden hybrids. Excellent grower in our Northern conditions! 2,00 -
164 Crocus versicolor A very colorful spring flowering crocus. One of the easiest in outdoors here. 2,00 -
165 Crocus versicolor STILYAGA I have many clones of this variable crocus but this one is the best and the most beautiful at my opinion because of contrasting draw of veins on the petals. 3,00 for 3 -
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