Lithuanian Rare Bulb Garden by Leonid Bondarenko

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166 Eminium albertii An aroid plant grown in dry climate of Tian Shan mountains. Flowers in May. Spathe is velvet purple. Berries are white. 15,00 -



168 Erythronium caucasicum Originally from Russian West Caucasus population, Krasnodar region. It is a striking erythronium with solitary large white (sometime with rose shade) flower. There were some myths about this plant: about absence of vegetative propagation and very specific conditions of growing. Indeed it is not fully easy plant, but I see now that a garden population can exist for many years flowering abundantly and increasing well. The earliest one in spring garden among bulb plants and among all erythroniums! 10,00 WP
169 Erythronium dens-canis CHARMER White, soft rose outside. 2,00 WP
170 Erythronium dens-canis FRANS HALS Imperial purple flowers very alike to Erythronium sibiricum ones. 2,00 WP
171 Erythronium dens-canis MOERHEIMII Rose. Large and robust plants with semi double flowers. 4,00 WP
172 Erythronium dens-canis PINK PERFECTION Rose. 1,50 WP
173 Erythronium dens-canis PURPLE KING In first stage of the flowering they have relatively light colored flowers, but then as if they have got new impulse of its flowering has the flowers of specific color on red stalks and the most decorative "silvery" leaves among d.-canis varieties. At my opinion it is the most beautiful variety of E. dens-canis. Sorry, but often under this name nurseries are delivering other plants. I offer true variety. 4,00 WP
174 Erythronium dens-canis ssp. niveum Long time these miniature erithroniums from Bibor mountains grown in my garden successfully, but I could not say that often could see their flowers, although I changed periodically the place of the plantation trying to find optimal conditions for stimulation of an intensive flowering. Finally I put the bulbs in semi shade and stopped disturbing them for some years. The result was the best! Now I have a good population flowering abundantly with incredible softest rose flowers every year. 3,00 WP
175 Erythronium californicum A nice American species with cream flowers and a beautiful chocolate leaves. 5,00 WP
176 Erythronium krylovii E. Kazakhstan, Altai. Before Erythronium sibiricum ssp. altaicum recently has got new name and became a separate species. The flowers are white in the beginning then become soft lilac. Leaves uniform green with purple shade. Offered this year after long interruption needed for restoration of my stock. 14,00 -
177 Erythronium revolutum KINFAUN'S PINK Selected in Pitcairn Alpines nursery, so probably Susan Band is the author of this hybrid. Think it is a result of free pollination of E. revolutum. 5,00 WP
179 Erythronium revolutum WHITE BEAUTY Lovely and popular. It has pure snow white flowers with a red ring in the center of the flower. Probably it's a spontaneous hybrid. 3,00 -
180 Erythronium tuolumnense JOANNA The most impressive hybrid E. tuolamnense. In flower color there is a nice combination of yellow and rose. Like all other hybrids where one of parient is E. tuolamnense it is large plants with long flower stalks good for cutting. 8,00 -
182 Erythronium tuolumnense SUNDISC A hybrid of E. tuolumnense with the most decorative bronze leaves and dark yellow colored flowers. 4,00 WP
183 Erythronium sibiricum Native from South W. Siberia. Has a single cyclamen shaped flower. Leaves mottled dark purple. Vegetative reproduction is very moderate, excellent with seeds if they are fresh and sown immediately. 12,00 -


184 Fritillaria armena From N. E. Turkey. 15 (20) cm high. 6,00 WP
185 Fritillaria aurea From Turkey. One of the very early started frit., exclusively tolerated to unfavorable spring condition and rarely damaged by frosts. A low plant at the beginning of the flowering so often flowers touch the soil but in process of flowering the plants are increasing length of the stem and reach 20-25 cm in the end. 7,00 WP
186 Fritillaria bithynica From W. Turkey and Greek islands. Conical flowers are yellow inside and green outside. A mixture of these two colors give an impression of a bluish shade. 5,50 -
187 Fritillaria bucharica NUREK GIANT Found by me in Tadjikistan. Exclusively multi flowered spikes and large size of bulbs are merits of this variety. 6,00 WP
188 Fritillaria camschatcensis The plants looks like small lilies. Bulbs like bulbs of many American fritillaries resemble lily bulbs and composed with numerous scales. Every one separated scale is able to give a new plant. The plants need shade and wet peaty soil. Frost resistance is incredible! 2,50 WP
190 Fritillaria crassifolia ssp. kurdica This stock is from Urts range Armenia. The flowers more or less spotted brown. Hardy in outdoors. 4,00 WP
191 Fritillaria crassifolia ssp. kurdica SUNNY DAY Raised by me among wild plants. They have yellow flowers spotted brown. This variety has not difference in specific color of flowers only. They are the most late flowering F. kurdica among all ones. 7,00 -
192 Fritillaria grandiflora Talish mountains, Azerbaijan. It's a large and tall fritillaria up to 55 cm high. 9,00 -
193 Fritillaria grandiflora form This plants form Iranian population differs from the plants described above with color of flowers. In other features it is the same large and tall plant. 6,50 WP
194 Fritillaria hermonis ssp. amana Native from Amanos mountain, Turkey. Up to 50 cm tall. 4,00 WP
195 Fritillaria hermonis ssp. amana (clone EKB-1034) Comparing with typical plants has long bells and intensive brown colour along edges of petals. 4,50 WP
196 Fritillaria hermonis ssp. amana SUNRISE It's other variety of the species with yellow colored flowers. I have got seeds of this variety and do not know who is the author of selection. 7,00 -
197 Fritillaria hyb. (F. kurdica x F. michailowskyi) Larger and more robust then parents. A lot of flowers! 3,00 WP
198 Fritillaria kotschyana Iran. A relatively short stem frit., but vigorous and with large flowers. 4,00 WP
199 Fritillaria latakiensis S.W. Turkey, Antalya. 40 cm high with 2-4 flowers. 3,50 WP
200 Fritillaria meleagris MARS Dark reddish purple flowers. Robust plants with blue grey leaves. Vegetative propagation is not too intensive. 5,00
201 Fritillaria meleagris POMONA Strong checkering on light ground of petals. You can see that flowers of POMONA and flowers SATURNUS are alike in general colour, but flowers of POMONA have egg shaped form and good visible green stripes near base of petals. 5,00
202 Fritillaria meleagris SATURNUS A nice variety with light colored checkered flowers more open then flowers of the plants above. 5,00
203 Fritillaria meleagris VESTA Raised by me. The pure white flowers have unusual prolonged petals, longer then all known varieties of the species. 6,00 -
204 Fritillaria michailowskyi A popular species having purple red bells. 25 cm high. 3,00 for 5 bulbs WP
205 Fritillaria michailowskyi dwarf form A dwarf form of plant, rarely reached 10 (15) cm long, but number of flowers can be 6-8(12). 4,50 WP
206 Fritillaria minuta Early spring started plants firm against any spring weather surprises. A very unusual color of flowers. 4,00 -
207 Fritillaria nigra I have got it under this commercial name. Probably from montana group. Good for shady position. Grows well without lifting for many years. 3,50 -
208 Fritillaria pontica ssp. It is without fail F. pontica, but with very wide leaves. I could trate this signs as a variability of species but the type of vegetative propagation I see is absolutely other. So it is a mystery for me and I shell be glad if somebody among my colleagues knows a complete name of this plant and inform me about. New introduction. 5,00 -
210 Fritillaria reuteri Iran, Zagros. The flower stem is long and flexible so that the inflorescence resemble of a lily of valley. One of the most striking fritillary and my favourite. 15,00 -
212 Fritillaria stenanthera Offered plants is seedling with different color of flowers, light rose generally. They flower in early spreeng enduring well frosts. Need sun and annual lifting for summer rest. 6,00 WP
213 Fritillaria stenanthera APRICOT JAM A most striking variety selected by me. Fantastic color of flowers which resemble a color of the sweet product! 20,00 -
214 Fritillaria stenanthera CHIMGAN Flowers are light pearl pink, the largest among all varieties of this plant I have selected. 16,00 -
215 Fritillaria stenanthera INGACHSAI Have bluish flowers. It's the best clone propagated vegetatively. 12,00 -
215a Fritillaria stenanthera WHITE FANG Plants with white flowers white flowers. 12,00 -
216 Fritillaria thessala ionica This name is a synonym of F. graeca ssp. thessala. Originally is from Geek. Hardy in outdoors. Up to 50 cm high. 3,50 WP


220 Galanthus lagodechianus Investigating the classic population of G. atjuschenko on in Soiutern Armenia we noted that plants have no any difference with typical G. lagodechianus. I have plants from other known place where grow G. artjushenko in the North of Armenia and result of investigation is the same. So G.artjuschenko is a mith, although its image there is on the coin of Armenia. Offered plants collected as G. artjuschenko. 7,00 WP
220a Galanthus lagodechianus PING PONG Plants smaller then a type with dark green leaves. Flowers relatively larghe on very long stem. Selected by my among wild plants of population grown on Hustup mountain, Armenia. 20,00 -
221 Galanthus plicatus Collected in Crimea. Even in wild G. plicatus is able to strike somebody with size. I saw plants grown in wet places reached 30 and more cm tall. They are impressive in garden too. Offered selected form with exclusively wide leaves and petals of flowers. 8,00 -


222 Gymnospermium albertii An exclusively early flowering tuberous plant a true masterpiece of the nature of Central Asie. In full flowering can reach 40-50 cm high covered with numerous flowers. The tubers need dry summer rest. Propagation with seeds. For the first time in my catalogue. 20,00 -
223 Gymnospermium odessanum The smallest gymnospermium. There are some small populations on the Western Ukraine, in Odessa region. Great rarity! 20,00 -
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