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IRIS (Reticulata)

225 Iris ENYA I am not in touch with Enya and it's doubtful I were able to get permission for use her personal name for my hybrid, but up to the moment of registration the plant will have this name of incredible Celtic women. A hybrid I. reticulata ARMENIA x I. winogradowii. I made this crossing trying to get I. reticulata hybrids good for outdoors in Lithuania and really they are exclusively well here. 12,00 -
226 Iris DEBONAIR A Canadian selector Alan McMurtrie making a crossing I sophenensis x I. danfordiae has got many hybrids with beautiful untypical color of flowers. It's this one. 9,00 -
227 Iris FRANK ELDER A nice I. winogradowii hybrid, healthy and good in our weather condition. 2,00 -
228 Iris histrioides MICHAEL'S ANGEL One the largest plant from Reticulata section. I offer one of the first variety selected by me and named in honor of Michael Bramley who was first in my contacts with my western colleagues. I have been sold it many time ago and now recommend it again. 4,00 -
229 Iris hyrcana Trans Caucasus. The species differs from I. reticulata with winged outer petals. Early spring flowering. 4,00 -
230 Iris hyrcana DARK A variety with dark color of flowers. I have got it from WE source as true hyrcana, but shape of flowers and cream (not white) anthners say me that possible it has a hybrid origin. In any case it is a nise reticulata with dark violet flowers and bright orange crests. 6,00 -
231 Iris kolpakowskiana C. Asia, Tian Shian. It's unusual member of Reticulata section. Looks like a small xiphium. Because these plants in the wild grow on low altitudes mainly (I saw highland populations)they need dry weather conditions after flowering and a good summer rest. Propagation with seeds mainly, and with small bulbils which come to flowering time after some years. The seeds germinate after two winters. 20,00 -
232 Iris kopetdagensis The plants was collected in Kopet-Dag mountains, Turkmenia. I many time repeat in my catalogues a frase below "There is an opinion that is's a form of I. reticulata . I can't accept this point of view, because all my attempts of crossing with other members of Reticulata section had not any success." Now it is recovered by Turkmenian botanists and has got name Iris curbanovii. 10,00 -
233 Iris ORANGE GLOW I. sophenensis x I. danfordiae. Allan McMurtrie's hybrid. 8,00 -
234 Iris reticulata It's a colorful form of Iris reticulata native from Adiyaman, Turkey. 3 for 5 bulbs -
235 Iris reticulata aff. Iran, Kurdistan near Sandara town. I have got this reticulata iris from Mr. N. Stevens and after many years of growing I can offer limited quantity of bulbs for sale. They have very colorful flowers with narrow petals. The bulbs have specific form with very long neck untypical for I. reticulata. So I even can not be sure in correct species name. The section Reticulata up to now is not investigated well. New introduction. 12,00 -
236 Iris sisianica Was found by me and by my colleague Dmitrij Zubow in province Sisian. It is unusual member of section because is the single reticulata able to produce yuong bulbs on the long stolones. So last year we both came to conclution to register this plant as new species. Is the most late among all irises of my collection. 15,00 -
237 Iris reticulata HALKIS N. Srevens found this beautiful form in Halkis Dag, Turkey. 3,00
238 Iris reticulata KUH-E-ABR Found in prov. Semnan, Iran. Flower colour is uniform maria blue. 3,00 for 5 bulbs -
240 Iris SEA GREEN I. sophenensis x I. danfordiae. Allan McMurtrie's hybrid. 5,00 -

IRIS (Scorpiris, Juno)

241 Iris aucheri Middle East. A big juno up to 70 cm high with 3-5 large flowers of hyacint blue color. It's relatively easy in W. Europe. I can not say the same growing them in Lithuania. Sometime out spring frosts can damage leaves. 3,50 WP
242 Iris aucheri DANDY Grown from seeds I. aucheri. Fantastic royal purple richest colour of flowers rare in Juno world! Although the flowers are typical for Juno aucheri, the shape of bulbs is not like to species ones and I am sure it is a hybrid plant from free pollination of I. aucheri. Another fact which confirms my conclusion is high stability in outdoors in our weather condition while all forms of I. aicheri are not well in outdoors here. 12,00 WP
247 Iris x graeberiana WHITE FALL Certainly it's a hybrid plant with flowers very like to I. graberiana ones. Much larger then species. 4,00 WP
255 Iris hyb. RUSSIAN KAVALERGARD I. magnifica ALBA x I. bucharica. Raised by me. Registered in KAVB in 2008 year. A large Juno 65 cm high with flowers of Russian hourse-guardsman's (Kavalergard) dress colours : white and gold. Healthy and ideal in outdoors! The most floriferous hybrid: one plant can give up to 9 flowers. Sterile, therefore has a high capacity for vegetative propagation. 6,00 WP
256 Iris hyb. SHOCKING BLUE One of the best for outdoors. Grows well even without annual lifting for sammer rest. Excellent increaser! 5,00 -
258 Iris magnifica ALBA Pure white with gold spots on the falls. A giant reached 0,8 m high. 3,00 WP
259 Iris orchioides A very variable species grown in the wild in mountains of Central Asia. I do not know information about exact natural habitat of this variety. They are of medium size with white flowers and yellow crest. 8,00 WP
261 Iris orchioides PURE GOLD Kirgizia. This form has entirely golden yellow flowers. 15,00 -
264 Iris pseudocapnoides Chimgan mt., Uzbekistan. Resemble a robust I. orchioides, but the crests on the petals are not dissected. In yellow color of flowers are visible purple pigment (flowers in buds look like brownish ones). 15,00 -
267 Iris rosenbachiana TOVIL DARA A single population of this marvellous form with dark purple flowers was found by J. Ruksans near Tovil-Dara village, Tadjikistan. 18,00 -

IRIS (Aril irises)

273 Iris ANTIOPE Antoine Hoog inform me that it's probable a pure Iris hoogiana (not a hybrid), because seed generations always save the same colour of flowers. 3,00 WP
274 Iris COFFEE RIVER My hybrid (I. stolonifera x I. hoogiana) vigorous and healthy. Two sweetly scented flowers on every long stems 70 cm high. Registered. 7,00 WP
275 Iris DARDANUS I. korolkowii x I. iberica. Has striped flowers typical for both parents. 3,00 WP
277 Iris (Regelia) hoogiana Large sweetly scented flowers. This species is relatively easy in outdoors in Lithuania and need not a special protection and dry keeping in summer period. Nevertheless summer lifting is a guaranty of rich flowering for next year. 3,00 WP
278 Iris (Regelia) hoogiana PURPUREA Variety with purple flowers. 3,00 WP
281 Iris (Oncocyclus) iberica var. lycotis Southern Armenia. A subspecies of Iris iberica with dark striped standards of flowers. The size of huge flowers is not comparable with relatively small leaves. Probably this ssp. has the most large flowers among all aril irises. 18,00 WP
282 Iris (Regelia) korolkowii In outdoors needs lifting and dry summer keeping every year. It's the old garden clone but I think up to now the most beautiful. 6,00 WP
283 Iris (Oncocyclus) paradoxa Collected on extreme South of Armenia, near Iranian border. They differ from I. paradoxa var. atrata with more light standarts of flowers. Moreover the plants are more tall with long flower stalks and narrow leaves. 9,00 WP
286 Iris (Oncocyclus) sari ssp. manissajianii Prefers low desert places of Turkey. Smaller then ssp. sari and has narrow curved leaves. New introduction. 25,00 -
288 Iris (Regelia) stolonifera Native from Uzbekistan. It is clear visible from the name that plants have long stolions of the rhizomes. The flowers colored with great oddity and brightness. Needs hot and dry summer period. 6,00 WP
289 Iris (Regelia) stolonifera MORNING COFFEE I have noted among seedlings of I. stolonifera plants with unusual beautiful color. The clone was propagated and I was looking for a good name for this variety. However I got to know that very like variety is sold on the European market under the name MORNING COFFEE and the source of these variety is J. Ruksans. I can not understand what association had Janis giving this name, but it is the fact and now I offer my selection under this name, because Janis has a priority. 9,00 -
290 Iris (Regelia) stolonifera NETWORK J. Ruksan's variety. The most contrasting drawing on the white ground of petals. 9,00 -
291 Iris THESEUS Vigorous, with long stems and large velvety flowers. 3,00 WP
292 Iris THOR A charming hybrid I. korolkowii x I. sari. Always among my favorites! 5,00 WP
293 Iris (Regelia) VERA Think it is a clone of an exemplar with dark coloured flowers selected among I. stolonifera. I do not note any difference among this variety and I. stolonifera. 4,00 WP

IRIS(other sections)

294 Iris (Sibirica) BAND OF ANGEL A large variety with tall stems and big flowers. One of the best iris for Northern conditions. For the first time in my catalogue. 6,00 -
295 Iris (Sibirica) FOND KISS Has a wonderful color of flowers never seen among Iris sibirica varieties. 8,00 -
296 Iris (Sibirica) IMPERIAL OPAL A list of varieties of I. sibirica now is very short. It is one from this list. For the first time in my catalogue 10,00 -
297 Iris (Sibirica) UNCORKED A fantastic color of flowers has no analogues in this group of irises! 9,00 -
298 Iris (Spuria) ARCTIC SUN A variety made in my nursery. Like other my hybrids it's tested for many years and I recommend it as good for Northern climate. 5,00 -
299 Iris (Spuria) GOLDEN AGE A seedling of variety SUNNY DAY selected by me and well adapted to our climate condition. 5,00 -
300 Iris (Spuria) halophila Stavropol region. They grow on the dry slopes of hills. So in garden should be well to make in the same condition: full sun and drainage. Flowers are not too large but very numerous. Flowers in June. 8,00 -
301 Iris (Spuria) notha N. Caucasus, near Kislovodsk town. A beautiful wild Iris spuria! The flowers are large sky blue colored. New introduction. 7,00 -
302 Iris (Spuria) PREMIER This variety is absolutely stabile and good adapted in our climatic zone too hard for many other I. spuria varieties. They are large plants - height of flower stems can exceed 1,50 cm. 3,00 WP
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