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304 Lilium hansonii A lily of Martagon section, grown in wild in Korea. Like L. martagon has numerous flowers in inflorescence and thick petals of the flowers. Flowering in June. 6,00 -
305 Lilium lanceflorum FLORE PLENO Now there is many Lily varieties with double flowers but no one has flowers with more then 30 petals like this variety. 3,00 -
306 Lilium martagon EARLY BIRD A nice and floriferous hybrid of L. martagon. Lilium martagon flowers first among lilies, but this hybrid is earlier then species and you can a possibility to see flowering lilies in your garden in the beginning of June in Lithuania and even earlier in countries with more warm climate. 3,00 WP
307 Lilium monadelphum I collected this species in many places of Caucasus region and see that now I have a lot of varieties differing with shades of yellow, a form of leaves, spotting of petals. I can divide all my plants into two general groups: with yellow and with orange pollen. 16,00 -
308 Lilium tsingtauense A lovely lily from North China. As member of Martagon sec. the plants have fat petals of fiery orange red flowers looking up and characteristic whorls of leaves. 15,00 -


309 Muscari armeniacum Widespread in Caucasus region with great variability of the leaves and the form of the spike . My plants are descendants of bulbs collected on slopes of mount Hustup, Zangezur, Armenia. New introduction. 1,00 -
310 Muscari dolichanthum Gagry, W. Caucasus. Flowers are blue with greenish or brownish shades in the beginning of the flowering when buds is closed. Developed well leaves in autumn pass winter well without any signs of damages. Good increaser. New introduction. 3,00 -
311 Muscari leucostomum M. leucostomum has a great area from Transcaucasus to Central Asia. Offered plants are collected near border of Nakhichevan region. Although in "The international checklist" it is trated as synonym of M. neglectum, I see the plants look absolutely distinct from M. neglectum with many things: the look of green and underground part of the plant, type of vegetative propagation, annual biological circle. They produce a great number of small bulbills every year, but the most of them do not germinate after winter time, so it can not be named as too quick increaser like many other muscaries. Very beautiful and my favourite! New introduction. 3,00 -
312 Muscari neglectum From Crimean population. Flowers are blue with lilac tint and light blue bunch of sterile flowers above. 2,00 -
313 Muscari pallens GEM OF LARS Third seed generation of plants found by me in Alania long time ago in Lars ravine. One of the latest muscari in the flowering. This variety has cold blue flowers and a very contrast dark purple stem. Before these plants I sold as species, but now looking other forms of this species I have to give for this variety a personal name. 1,00 WP
315 Muscari tenuiflorum European plant very rare in the wild now. There are known some small natural habitats. Propagation with seeds mainly. 4,00 WP


316 Narcissus bulbocodium Long time ago I had an idea about naturalizing N. bulbocodium in Lithuania and got from different sources N. bulbocodium seeds and plants. Since that time I have opinion that our climate is not good for this Mediterranean plants with winter leaves. Almost all ones died in the end except a single clone exclusively hardy in outdoors which has passed easily our strong winters and grows without any problems here. Sorry I have not kept the label with information about the origin. 2,00 WP
317 Narcissus nanus Of unknown origin plant, 15-20 cm high only flowering very early even for such early plants like Narcisssus. 4,00 for 5 bulbs -


318 Cypripedium guttatum Grows along both side of Bering sea and in Siberia. Is not too large 20-25 cm high only, but flower is exclusively motley. My lovely orchidea. New introduction. 30,00 -


320 Ornithogalum fimbriatum Originally is from Crimea. An early spring flowering ornithogallum. Leaves are covered densely with hires. 1,50 WP
321 Ornithogalum gabrielianae An endemic of Armenia. Was collected on the high meadows of Aragats mt. The plants are propagated well with stolones the most astonished I have ever seen. Every one looks like a thread passed freely under first scale of the bulb with two young bulbs on the ends. Spring flowering. my nursery only offer this species. 2,00 WP
322 Ornithogalum lanceolatum From Turkey, Altin yaila. A beautiful and large ornithogalum with short stem (or more correctly - with absents of visible stem). The flowers sit among rosette of wide leaves. The leaves appear in autumn but come to spring days without problem rarely damaged with frosts. Spring flowering. 3,00 WP
323 Ornithogalum montanum Found by me on the wet highland meadow of Aragats mt., Armenia. They are robust plants with leaves looking up and spike 30 cm high with many white flowers on the flower stalks. Late. 4,00 WP
324 Ornithogalum platyphyllum Collected in S. Armenia. In first stage of flowering has flowers disposed in the center of rosette of wide leaves. So it resembles O. lanceolatum, but then flower stem goes increasing and can reach 20 cm tall. It's the beautifulness ornithogalum with wide leaves and glistening white large flowers. Sometimes leaves start flowering before winter, but it does not give any problem for successful growing. Flowers in the beginning of the summer. 4,00 -
325 Ornithogalum ponticum SOCHI W.N. Caucasus. Janis Ruksans's selection. Dense spike 60 cm high. Flowering in midsummer. 1,50 WP


326 Oxalis WAVERLEY HYBRID An impressive oxalis hybrid grown well in our weather condition. 3,00 WP


327 Paeonia caucasica Karachaevo Cherkesia, Russia. A nice leaves with wery wide ovoid lobes of leaves purple in the beginning and always saved purple color in the past. New introduction. 20,00 -
328 Paeonia hybrida var.tipica From Eastern Kazakhstan steppe near Semipalatinsk town. It's a dwarf peony. In my garden height of the flowering plants are 30 cm only. 30,00 -
329 Paeonia taurica A Crimean endemic. Like others wild pionia it has two tops of beauty: flowering time and time when seed buds are open showing red sterile and ebony black fertile seeds. It has beautiful leaves with wide oval lobes. Firtst time offered. 20,00 -


330 Polygonatum buschianum Always plants of different polygonatums have small and very small flowers and sometime this dissonance between sizes of the plant and of the flowers is too big. P. buschianum is a lucky exclusion. Relatively small stem 30 cm only has some white flowers 3 cm long. They grow in wild in Crimea on the border of deciduous forests. So they are not fully woodland plants and need more sun. 3,00 WP
331 Polygonatum humile Eastern Asia (N. China, Mongolia, Russian Far East). A woodland plants, one of the smallest among Polygonatums. Vertical stems reaches 25 cm. only. Flowers are white, relatively large. New introduction. 3,00 -


332 Sanguinaria canadensis MULTIPLEX Is ideal for damp ground and shady places in gardens. The tubers do not like dry keeping and must be planted at once after receiving. 5,00 WP
333 Sanguinaria canadensis STAR A variety with numerous narrow petals of flowers. For the first time in my catalogue. 8,00 -


334 Scilla armena Armenia. In contradistinction with S. sibirica ssp. caucasica grown in the same region in forests S. armena is a plant of highland meadows and rarely you can meet it below then 2000 m. The flowers (always single on every stem) have incredible striking blue coloring like blue gentiana flowers. When I saw first time a group of flowering S. armena near snow patch it looked like a spot of a blue painting spilled on snow. My favorite among scillas! 4,00 -
336 Scilla bifolia. A nice S. bifolia from Crimean population. In garden they have bulbs of big size and conical exclusively multiflower spikes. 2,00 -
337 Scilla bifolia ROSEA Rich flowering in early spring. Easy in gardens. 1,50 for 10 bulbs WP
338 Scilla lilio-hyacinthus A curious plant with the bulb very alike a lily bulb. They grow well in constantly wet soil without disturbing and a long dry keeping. 4,00 WP
339 Scilla melaina This scilla with many flower on stems and exclusively rich flowering I sold under different names:S. ingridae, S. sibirica VACLAV, because the names was changed in Ruksans's nursery which is a primary source of my stock. Now I have well-founded proofs from a source I confide that really it is Scilla melaina. 4,00 WP
341 Scilla puschkinoides This plants I saw in shady and wet places grown along river valley in many countries of Central Asia. So there are not any problems of adaptation in our wet and not rich of sun territory. New introduction. 4,00 -
342 Scilla rosenii This stock is from Georgia. Flowers are large up to 3 cm across with reflected petals. One flower stem have always 1-2 flowers but quantity of the stems can be numerous. 6,00 -
343 Scilla rosenii form These plants I got with an information that it's S. rosenii of Turkey origin. I have not come to conclusion if is it S. rosenii or no, but really it is the most impressive plant of my scilla collection. Plants have the large flowers like S. rosenii from Georgia up to 4 cm in diameter! Difference from S. rosenii of Georgian origin is that quantity of flowers on one stem can reach 3 (4). 12,00 -
344 Scilla siberica ssp. caucasica Collected by me near Crymsk town, N.W. Caucasus. Flowers have intensive blue color more striking then flowers well known S. siberica siberica. 2,00 -


345 Simplocarpus foetidus A habitant of boggy places of Far East. The spathe of curious exterior appears in early spring without stem and leaves. In general it resemble of a huge calla spathe. The Latin name is done because of strong smell of the roots. Plants need a constantly wet ground. Propagation is possible with seeds only. The seeds have size of a large pea and germinate in second year after sawing. You will be able to see its strange flowers after 5-6 year. 18,00 -


347 Trillium erectum Plants of N. American forests, like all other listed below. They grow on wide space of N East of USA. Red flowers on 6-8 cm stalks. 5,00 WP
348 Trillium erectum ALBUM A form with pure white petals and purple ovary. 7,00 WP
349 Trillium flexipes Grow in wild in region of Great Lakes of USA. A wonderful large trillium of pedicellate group with creamy white flowers. 10,00 -


Species and species hybrids

351 Tulipa acuminata The most unusual tulips of unknown origin. 1,50 WP
352 Tulipa aucheriana Middle Asia. Dwarf, flower stem 5 cm high only. Leaves compressed to the soil. 2,50 -
353 Tulipa batalinii APRICOT JEWEL A hybrid of T. batalinii group. Has apricot coloring of flowers. The form of flowers reminds of lily tulips. The most early among T. batalinii hybrids. 2,00 for 5 bulbs WP
354 Tulipa batalinii BRIGHT GEM Rhombic yellow petals are divided inside with orange line. The most late among T. batalinii hybrid group. 2,00 for 5 bulbs WP
355 Tulipa bifloriformis It's a traditionally cultivated clone very floriferous and tall. 2,00 for 5 bulbs WP
356 Tulipa bifloriformis STARLIGHT Selected by J. Ruksans among wild plants collected in Kirgizia. They differ from the garden clone with a short stature. 1,00 WP
357 Tulipa florenskyi My expedition to Southern Armenia in 2011 year was dedicated to this tulip mainly. They were collected in locus classicus on dry Southern slope near Kharchvan village on relatively low place about 1000 m of sea level. So it were easy to suppose that this tulip likes many sun, needs ideal drainage and possible will not be hardy in Lithuania. Surprisingly its adaptation has passed without problem. 13,00 -
358 Tulipa GREEN MIRACLE I have made a crossing T. acuminata x T. sp. sold in Europe under incorrect name T. sprengeri. Elegant plant like T. acuminata with flower of a specific beautiful form, green in the beginning of flowering. 1,00 WP
359 Tulipa humilis TETE-a-TETE A single variety of T. humilis with double flowers. 1,00 -
360 Tulipa hyssarica Hyssar range. First in flowering among all tulips! Often one bulbs gives some flowers. 4,00 -
361 Tulipa julii A new introduction from Southern Armenia. 8,00 -
362 Tulipa kurdica PURPLE Selected by me. It is really wonderful plant with purple shade of semidouble flowers. 2,50 -
363 Tulipa kurdica RED Resemble T. pulchella, but larger. Has a single red flower. Leaves compressed to soil. 4 for 5 bulbs WP
364 Tulipa LITTLE BEAUTY A wonderful hybrid dwarf tulip, grown easily in garden. 1,50 for 5 bulbs WP
365 Tulipa praestans UNICUM Indeed it's really an unique tulip. The most impressive variegata tulip with very beautiful leaves and up to 5 flowers on the stem. 4,00 for 5 bulbs WP
366 Tulipa planifolia Departament Savoe, France. A form of T. gessneriana with dark red flowers. New introduction. 2,50 -
367 Tulipa platystigma Departament Savoe, France. A form of T. gessneriana with rose lilac flowers. New introduction. 2,50 -
368 Tulipa rubidusa Savoye, France. In English information sources is named T. planifolia, in France it is T. rubidusa. I took part of French colleagues, because it is their native tulip. Now wild tulips of France are treated as the forms of T. gessneriana, but I save old names because these forms are very original. 2,50 WP
369 Tulupa subbiflora Collected by J. Ruksans in Tadjikistan. It's the most short stem tulip of biflora type in my collection. As rule it reach 5-10 cm. high only. 3,00 WP
370 Tulipa sylvestris ssp. australis ZHAR-PTITSA A tulip collected by Dmitrij Zubov in Zaporozje region of Ukraine on granite formations of an ancient volcano. It can give up to 4-5 flowers. This multy flowering form is known in Ukraine since 1936 year when it was discribed under the name Tulipa ophiophylla ssp. bestashica Klokov & Zoz forma ramosa. The variety name given by Zubov is English transcription of Russian name - FIREBIRD. New introduction. 8,00 -
371 Tulipa TINY TIMO T. hageri x T. aucheri. It was my great impression of last years among new miscellaneous hybrids. 2,00 for 5 bulbs WP
372 Tulipa turkestanica hort. Dutch garden clone. 7 and even more star shaped flowers on every stem. Early spring flowering tulip. 1,50 for 5 bulbs WP
373 Tulipa vvedenskyi ORANGE Usbekistan. The plants with orange flowers selected by me among plants got from different sources. It differs from TANGERING BEAUTY with more wide leaves and black spotted bottom of flowers. 2,00 WP
374 Tulipa vvedenskyi ORANGE SUNSET A variety with wide leaves and huge flower. Late. 1,00 WP
375 Tulipa vvedenskyi RED Uzbekistan. Flowers are brilliant red of specific and perfect form. Leaves very undulated and twisted, compressed to the soil. 1,50 WP
377 Tulipa vvedenskyi hyb. AMBERLAND J. Ruksans's hybrid T. vvedenskyi. Excellent for gardens and rock gardens. 40 cm high. Late long flowering. Purple striped leaves are very firm against botrytis and decorative for long time. 3,00 WP
378 Tulipa whittallii The wild source is unknown. A tetraploid tulip with bronze orange flowers flowering late. 3,00 for 5 bulbs WP
379 Wild tulips of Savoye I offer a complete set of wild tulip of province Savoye, France: T. planifolia, T. platystigma, T. rubidosa. 1 bulb of every species. 6 for 3 bulbs -

Garden varieties

380 ARIE DESIGN (3 kl.) Variegata tulips with colorful leaves give a new impulse in green design of gardens, because they are beautiful all time of vegetation, but not in short time when they are flowering. This variety has leaves with wide yellow border. 3,50 for 5 bulbs -
381 CHEER LEADER (3 kl.) Has leaves with white-rose border. 3,00 for 5 bulbs WP
382 CHINA TOWN (8 kl.) Viridiflora tulip with white bordered leaves. 1,00 WP
383 DON COSSACK (3 kl.) Selected by me. I tried to create a classic triumf tulip, large and long flowering with exclusively contrasting and saturated colour of flowers. Think it is made successfully. 3,50 for 5 bulbs WP
384 ELEGANS RUBRA (6 kl.) A historical variety introduced in 1895 year. So it is existed for 120 years and even now I can say that it is one of the best among lily tulip. Periodically I can offer limited quantity of bulbs of this lovely variety. 2,00 -
385 ESPERANTO (8 kl.) Variegata tulip with white bordered leaves. 1,00 WP
386 FLOROSA (8 kl.) Viridiflora tulip with a long stem up to 80 cm long and an elegant flower typical for lily-flowered tulips. 4,00 for 5 bulbs WP
387 GREEN WAVE (10 kl.) A nice combination of rose and green. For the first time in my catalogue. 3,50 for 5 bulbs WP
388 LILAC PERFECTION (11 kl.) A long living flower of perfect form. For the first time in my catalogue. 3,50 for 5 bulbs WP
389 MAYTIME DESIGN (6 kl.) I grow varieties of tulpes outstanding from other ones with its beauty and specific shape. So at my opinion one of such masterpiece is this variety. For the first time in my catalogue. 1,20 WP
390 Tulipa MEZA SKAISTULE (8 kl.) True green tulip with perfect form of flower. 1,50 WP
391 MY MOTHER'S DREAMS (5 kl.) Late long flowering tulip of my selection. Flower coloring transforms from cream up to white with purple band in upper part. 3,50 for 5 bulbs WP
392 OMNYAC (8 kl.) A new type of flower bud, with many pistils resembling peony flowers. 4,00 for 5 bulbs WP
393 PICTURE (5 kl.) This variety and its sports have an unique form of flowers up to now unknown among all tulips. 3,50 for 5 bulbs WP
394 Tulipa ROBASSA (13 kl.) It's a variety of T. fosteriana with ornamental leaves, possibly one of the brightes. 3,50 for 5 bulbs WP
395 SERGEY JESENIN (14 kl.) This my T. kaufmanniana variety was sold out so quickly, so I had to take a time out to restore number of bulbs. Now in catalogue again. Grow well in Lithuania forming large bulbs able to bear semi double flowers. 6,00 -
396 SWEET TOY (3 kl.) Raised by me. A Triumph tulip with tall strong stem and oval large flower. 3,50 for 5 bulbs WP
397 A sport of unique tulip PICTURE. For the first time in my catalogue. 4,00 for 5 bulbs -


398 Zigadenus elegans Grows in wet meadows of North America. Flowering is in mid summer. The flowers are small but abundant and very exotic. 5,00 -
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