Lithuanian Rare Bulb Garden by Leonid Bondarenko

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   Internet resource of information for rare bulbs growers

Aril Society International - Complet information about Oncocyclus and Regelia irises. A well illustrated checklist of species and hybrids. Ч

EDGEWOOD, The Lonsdale Garden - Contains many good pictures of different garden plants including a wonderful gallery of high quality pictures of colchicums made with great love and craft. Ч

Scottish Rock Garden Club Ч

The Crocus Group Ч

The Fritillaria Group of The Alpine Garden Society Ч

PlantBuzz - It's a resourse, dedicated to the genus Allium mainly, but there you can find excellent pictures of many other rare garden plants. -

WEB —јƒ - The most considerable resource contained an information about all aspects of flower growing in Russia (articles, forum, collectors, nurseries). Ч

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