Lithuanian Rare Bulb Garden by Leonid Bondarenko

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Terms of delivery

  • I offer healthy bulbs of flowering size (in other case it will be shown in description of the plant).
  • I deliver bulbs to EU countries only. If you have a mediator in these countries, welcome.
  • Delivery by airmail in August-October.
  • A final day of order receiption is 1 August.
  • Please note that for some items there is a minimal quantity of bulbs.
  • You pay for packing & postage. Prices is shown for parcels of different weight.
  • Postage for extra large orders is equal my post expenses.
  • Bulbs I send by airmail. All parcels will be registrated and tracking codes sent you for control.
  • I do not answer for post services work of countries of customers.
  • You may pay by cheque, bank transfer or Paypal system.
  • All your bank charges please take on your account.

Usakovams i Lietuvos taikomas iankstinis apmokjimas litais (katalogo kainas usienio valiuta praome konvertuoti litus pagal tos dienos banko kurs).
Pinigus siskite patu emiau nurodytu adresu.
Registruotas siuntinys bus Jums pristatytas patu. Pato ilaidas 10.00 euro praome traukti bendr sskaita.


Leonid Bondarenko
Gelvonu 7-25
07140 Vilnius-10
Lietuva / Lithuania

AB SEB bankas, Vilniaus filialas
Address: Gedemino prosp.12, LT-01103 Vilnius
Bank code: 70440
VAT: T120212314
IBAN type account: LT237044060001441201

You write a cheque on my personal name: to Leonid Bondarenko


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